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HealthiWealthi™ and Lifestyle Prescriptions™ University

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Yeliz Ruzgar, LPHC
MANA Life Purpose and Wellness Founder, Root-Cause Health Coach™

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Mohammed Yamani MD
Internal Medicine Specialist, All Care Medical Consultant

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Our pre-made creative content will ensure high clicks and opens and registrations through your unique share link.  You may use your own creatives (like personal videos) as long as they are in alignment with our promotional policies. Using the following creatives will save time and help you be in alignment with our message.

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Healthcare 2.0 is broken. We're building the new Healthcare 3.0 where members are "paid" and rewarded for living healthier, happier, longer, and prosper.


Our Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when posting about the HealthiWealthi™ and RXHEAL platform and ecosystem. We want to educate people and at the same time ensure that our messaging is in alignment and of the highest ethical and professional quality.

Please Do!

  • Encourage your followers to join HealthiWealthi™ and get "paid" and rewarded for living healthier, happier, longer, and richer.
  • Use our Creatives, which will make sharing very easy for you and allows us to have a clear message.
  • Inspire your tribe and represent HealthiWealthi™ in a professional and empowering way.
  • Join our Influencer Community for tips on how to become a successful HealthiWealthi™ influencer. 
  • And most important, have fun sharing. Spread the love.

Do Not ...

  • Make any medical or health claims (never). None of our HealthiWealthi Coaches will treat, cure, diagnose or heal someone. The job of a health coach is to ask smart questions, coach clients to improve lifestyle habits, and guide them through rough spots on their journey.
  • Share payout or any app screens. Keep our community secure and private.
  • Post false or misleading health or financial claims like "I earned $500 in cash" or "HealthiWealthi healed my cancer, etc."
  • Share fake testimonials. Only post real member feedback and personal experiences.
  • Do anything you know it not in alignment with your and our community's truth. Be honest, inspire and empower. That works so much better in the long run.

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